Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anamchara, The Dark Victorian

Allow me to first take the time to welcome you to the site and thank you for visiting. I sincerely hope you find this blog entertaining and intriguing. Through it, you will be allowed a glimpse into my life, works, and mind. Please try not to get lost in them.

My name is Raymond J. Repass and I can best be described as a bit of a renaissance man. My interests range broadly from writing and photography to the Victorian era and spiritualism. This blog seeks to include as many of these interests as possible. Before we delve further though, allow me to give you the gist of exactly who I am.

Dark Victorian: drawing on my passions for the Victorian era and the horror genre, then blending it with a gentlemanly nature. Dark Victorian is the term I use to describe myself as a whole.

Writer: in addition to this blog, I also keep three others. Each one expresses a different aspect of myself. However, blogging is not the only writing I do. I am also an avid poet, fiction and nonfiction author, and screenwriter. While the strange, macabre, and mysterious are what I work best in, I am known to explore other genres as well.

Photographer: it was only a couple of years ago that I picked up an issue of American Photo Magazine to satisfy a craving to read something. Never did I think it would turn into a full-fledged passion for the art. My own photography, usually black and white, seeks to do one of two things: stop life and capture it forever as in my A Look Behind series, or express beauty through darkness as in my Stone Gardens series.

Filmmaker: I got into filmmaking when I started exploring screenwriting as an outlet for expression. Everything about it fascinated me - from writing and producing to filming and editing. Expect to see some short films on my horror blog, 71A3, this year.

Spiritualist/Philosopher: religion was never really forced upon me growing up, so I was more able to explore my own personal beliefs better that most. The result was me coming into contact with many of the world’s major religions and many of the eclectic ones. From them, I have built my own system of beliefs - one that, so far, only one person I’ve met comes close to matching.

Of course, this is only a taste of who I am. Be sure to come back every week for new articles, photo releases, exclusive PDFs, short films, and more. Again, welcome to the site and thank you for visiting.

Raymond “Anamchara” Repass